Dj Clairvo

Clairvo kickstared his career in 1996 as a local rock andgrungre DJ. He started to write music reviews in 2003 forthe Budapest based Fontos! Magazine and Alarm Magaswell as for main-cultural portals such as manamana.huand Joined to co-host the radio show calledManamana in 2006 on the legendary first underground radiostation of Hungary, TilosRadio FM90.3. Meanwhile, havingput in the last eleven years with making bookings andpromoting events alongside his posse namely the MustBeatCrew, made him become an expert of playing 6-7 hours long,monstre freestyle DJ-sets during many gigs all aroundaswell as at festivals like Balaton Sound or Coke Club. Hisfirst 7” vinyl release has come out on Resense Records,which has been followed by several 12” records on BigMProductions and Breakbeat Paradise Recordings under thename Nynfus Corporation, a project founded by

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