Diaz Dayz

Jesus Ernesto Diaz AKA “Diaz Dayz“ born in EL Paso, TX started to play in friend's parties, then in Gigs in Cd. Juarez , Mexico. In 2011 he started to get known in Juarez by DJing & Producing Tech-House Music & in 2012 joining the well-known Colective/Label [E-Beatz]. With only 5 years of experience & short age of 18 years old, he had the pleasure of playing in Clubs well known in the Underground Rave City, Juarez. He’s mainly type of music is Tech-House; people also Like him for his unique Techno House that he spins in special occas ions .For now he has been Warm Up for:Inxec / Crosstown RebelsPrince Club /Made to Play/Snatch/Nervous Machino / Static Discos / Minigroove Records Alex Young / Young RecordsJoy Marquez / 76

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