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 - Micrologue


Electronically, melodious, emotional, playful and dreamily are the incisives arguments for Micrologue's Style. His appearances are various. It's a kind of magic, which spread out in the room. He put his large audience on a journey, far away from everyday life.Wit h own Part y - Project s like t he Underground (2004- 2007), the Circuit Breaking (2008) and the ELECTRONIC FIGHT NIGHT (2009-2010) he build up a reputation as a Organiser!Meanwhile Micrologue is a permanent feature of the existing Club ñ Scene as Deejay, Producer und Organiser. He proved both national and international his talent.Besides famous Performer like Oliver Huntemann, Lexy, Ryan Davis, Oliver Schories, Grunjah and many elseMicrologue performs every first sunday in the month his own Radio - Show "STRIDENT SOUNDS" on There he presents worldwide his own music.


Best of Lounge Music 2014 - 200 Songs
Schwarz & Funk, Stereoliner, Loungeside, Ricky Martini Dj, Novo Som, Enrico Donner, Retrosynco, Oscar Salguero, DJ MRG, Baghira, Chickenskin, Y.G., Trillian, The Sky, Alteria, Rey Salinero, Vincent Vicente, The Spectaphiles, Best Of Chillout Lounge, Danny Rodia, Brazilian Friends, Mykel Mars, The Night Of Chill House, D Project, Maximilian V, Erdton, Mellow Cloud, Pater Rob, DJ Zoia, Solanos, Downstairs, Oceanic Dream, Thundermike, M.V.F, Fancy Vienna, Fred Henderson, Ajc, Spielwiese, Blue Garden, Jovifra, Alex Nöthlich, Crazy Girls, Miguel Lando, Armando Gomez, Spirit, Sound & Vision, Knight, L.P.V, Sky And Sand, Cane Garden Quartet, Luigi, Riccardo, Jacek Stam, Benotto, Champion Beans, DJ Snail, Love Pacific Industries, Francesco Demegni, Diego Polimeno, Alberto Vigano, BarBQ, The Junior D, Don Gorda, Plaza, peot, Kenny Laakkinen, Suntheca Prod., Tim Besamusca, Boris Friedel, Klaus Appel, Peter Weiner, Kim & Buran, Tilo Klas, Anjl, Luciano Nieto, No Panties Allowed, Wave Motion, DJ Danilkin, Feel Good, Taha, Deephonia, Sebastien Angrand, J Sasz, Maya, Sunny Bay, Seven Dreams, Cazintel, John Soultek, 8 Bit, The Man, Maurice Scoville, Exit Mars, Mashtoko, Executive, Mr. Luke, Urban Razz Collectiv, Macao Cafe Music, Nausicaa, Blue Horizon, Belinse, Lavejazz Project, Koichi Sakai, The Big-t, New World Lounge, Counting Clouds, Andriesh, Pcm, Manik, Octario, D.c. Beat Productions, Downbeat Crackz, TD, Clark Parker, Sonia Brex, United DJ's, Sweet Pepper, Squibb, Manuel Merlini, Ricardo Princess, Music Paradise, Barcelona Grooves, Kaweye, Rowla, Noiseevoluter, Inner Smile, Lynx, Lord Nord, Dulcis Domus, Lord Matteo, Aatoo Cito, KIM, Buran, Numb Source, Rene Ablaze, Ladale, Odyssey, Johannes Eggenberger, City Capture, Wine & Dine, E1 Ten, Audio Infinite Orchestral, Ess Aitch, Sake Lovers, Amanic, Minka, Denote, Agent Juno, Pia Magnet, Ryan Frizelle, Soulfultrance the Real Producers, Jon Turner, Marebo, Chill Dabassgo, Claire Willis, Stunner, Tranc Eye, Noel Gitman, Buran B, System Is Chaotic, Daniel Astacio, Amitola, Promid, Ampetermin, Manuel Breitenmoser, Manuel Tondo, Maria Rath-Hofer, Cafe Royale, Tarena, Saydash, Max Wilhelm, Prohibisound, Dean Ashby, Liron Afuta, Micrologue, Baraka
Sa Trincha Recordings | 2014-11-28