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 - Evin Rave


Born in 1989, Evin Rave has always been fond of electro music. He discovered night clubbing when he was 15 years old, at the BAR LIVE after club in southern France. Ellen Allien an Apparat's Orchestra Of bubbles album and their performance were A revelation for him. Around his 18th year,with very little means, he learnt by himself how to create songs with his computer and found out that remixing was not priority. After listening to the best in electro music, he quickly found his own style, that is to say a planning rythmed techno with a pretty melody. Border Community, Kompakt et Bpitch Control were his source of inspiration. As a good perfectionist, he worked a lot his songs before sharing his compositions. The good returns pushed him to sell door-to-door different labels. Then he signed his first track « Happy Monkey » with Chibar Record. Today, many projects work in progress like remix, tracks, and collaborations. He's going to sign several tracks with different Label, and very soon with Yuko Records . He likes being alone to produce, but he's looking forward to have his public set in club, to finally see how high he can make people with his song(the goal of his life).


Tech-house 2012 100 Tracks
Arts & Leni, Lauren Benavente, Cristian Deklic, Tom Keys, Max Lindemann, Ondbraio, T. Orlando, Lori J. Ward, Fitch N Stilo, Tinush, John De Mark, Placa, Urenga, DJ Raul Sete, Benjamin Takats, Andreas Ernst, Majed, Andre Luki, Roy Switzer, Daniele Palmas, Mr. Laz, KINEZzzz, Jonathan Maltaya, Arctic Domination, Michael Hagler, Sakamaka, Audiosweep, Lacek, Matteo Domenici, Feejay, Allen Alexis, Sa.Du, Victor Vera, Nistagmuss, Volt9, Pedro Sorrentino, Laera, Tjard, Mike Smile, Bojan Popovic, Evin Rave, Audiolab, Rene Beer, Johannes Becker, Karl Mallden, Housephonics, Miki Mad, Deaf Audio Circus, Keith Novum, Ritch Mollen, Marco P, Mind24, Dazt Glitch, Maurice Goltz, Sitto Jimenez, Daniel Bob, Rafa Ortega, Patrick Eden, Kryptonicadjs, Andreafabbrikk, Welldone, Todor Ivanov, XaviDee, David Sure, SAO Tokyoska, Syntheticsax, 2Fake, South Systems, Beauty & The Breakdown, Maveric, Serdar Ors, Rob Renson, Fobee, Dayana, Nicolas Alisferi, Cristian Rodriguez, Vincenzo Ciotoli, Dr. Kucho!, Jack Jamming, Charlie Spot, Lucian Behaim, Lee N Effe, Walter Albini, Marco Stenzel, Gareth Craig, T.orlando, Lori J Ward, MC Bad, Suspect Delivery, Pandaloco, Nikolas Dee J Vox, Stephan Funkmann, F.north, Unkind Groove, Maatti, Mirko Upek, Christian Michael, Eddy Ford, Silvio Rodrigues, Vickyproduction, Maikel A, Anthony Brahv, Patrick Sole, Audiokalypse, Ko Mar, Wolfgang Lohr, Cristian Exploited, Mixline, Calle, Carsten, Sascha Barth, Oscar Gs, David Cuellar, Girolamo Larosa, Alex Sounds, Freaksound, Victor Del Guio, Bootch, Fabbu, Simon, Frida, Ivan B, Nikkolas Research, Tino Ecra, Clem, Anton Stellz, Scott Totem, Carlos Garcia DJ, Slava Dmitriev, Kostya Klesh, Hugo Picanzo, Tjard, Denny The Punk, Dhsa
Silver Screen | 2012-07-13