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 - Francesco Ferraro


Ohhh!! Yeeah, Francesco Stefano Ferraro better known as "El N'DJ uja" is a very talanted producer born on 1988 in Santa Barbara (California) but actually based in Italy. His first influences starts through the magic electronic beats by Daft Punk,Chemical Brothers,Justice,Cassius,Depeche Mode,Robert Miles and many more... his approach with the world of producing began around 2003/2004 using various sequencer and vst on a simple homework pc... step by step... he released his eurodance/hands up! production and remixes for various european artists and label of the actual musical movement, until 2009. From 2011 he focus his interest picking up some funky,mininal and tech-house stuffs, for several major labels of the scene like: No-Logik, Flat Belly, Fierce Animals, Hooked, Berlin Aufnahmen and many more... Everything is arranged & mixed @ F.A.Y.D.A. Studio in Italy