TonyLACES, Antonio Laccetti's stage name, is a DJ and Italian producer born in Vasto, who grew up with a passion for rap and Hip-Hop music.Multipurpose DeeJay, the music he proposes is a compelling mix of urban sounds like Reggaeton, Dancehall, Deep-House, Tropical House, Hip-Hop, in uenced by electronic music with self-produced remixes and sought-after pieces.In 2003 he moved to Bologna, a few years later to improve his technique he attended the Italian Academy of DJs, DJ classes and music production. After the end of the course, given the excellent results obtained, the Academy asks him to become an instructor, a role he holds for 2 years.Over the years he has been guest / resident DJ in several clubs around Italy such as Caffè Atlantico, Giostrà, Hard Rock Café, Qube and

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