Solarsoul (real name Igor Shalin). Born November 29, 1980in Moscow suburbs. T he author of the radio show "ShiningSleep".T he Director & the Leader of the Channels Digitally ImportedRadio & SKY.FM.[]-Chillout Dreams Channel--Chillout Channel--Vocal Chillout Channel--Space Dreams Channel--Ambient Channel-[]-Relaxation Channel--Nature Channel--Vocal New Age Channel--New Age Channel--DreamscapesChannel-Shining Sleep.T his wonderful music broadens our reality perception limits.T his music doesn't lead us away in peace of illusions, itarises soft sentiments in us to see all the beauty in thispeace, that we like about this music… T he music does notonly make our life experience more rich and beautiful, butalso changes our life in the better way. T he way we acceptvisual ambience very much depends on how people treatus, and probably something changes in our life, and makeour dreams come true… You

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