He begins his work as a dj in 1985 and as a producer in 1991. Plays in various “one-night” and Italian clubs, such as Rolling Stone and Alcatraz in Milano Ritual Club Costa Smeralda, Morandi Club Lugano.His first recordings productions are published by DIG IT INTERNATIONAL: these are the well-received projects Techno G and Monier and Dynamic Work. His daily studio work with Monier Quartararo, a friend and a software expert, and Fabio Porta, a precious help, leads to a gradual technical and sound development.Among his works, there are various remixes, such as Simarik (the well-known Kiss Kiss) by Tarkan for Polygram France, "New Millennium" by Topazz, "So good so right" by ImaginationLater on, he experiments with new important co- operations and with his solo project JL (Fresca records), Dream

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