DualForce, the newest addition to the roster of Divinity Records, is a recently formed Progressive Psytrance and Uplifting Psytrance duo from Nuevo León, Mexico. Comprised of Eduardo Blanco and Jesús Montes, they bring a fresh perspective to the electronic music scene. With their fervor for music production, they craft enthralling compositions characterized by mesmerizing melodies and dynamic basslines. Despite being a nascent project, DualForce has already graced the stage alongside renowned producers such as BLiSS, Bizarre Contact, Durs, Interactive Noise, Loud, Phaxe, Physis, Sajanka, Vegas, among others. Their innovative sound and unwavering commitment to their craft make them an exhilarating addition to the Psytrance genre. As they continue to evolve, DualForce is poised to leave a significant imprint on the music industry.

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