Dr Cat

Italian born, London loving DJ, composer, producer and Green Queen Music record label boss, Dr Cat has relocated to Sydney’s sunnier shores.Collaborating with the best in the business, Dr Cat has worked in the underground electronic music scene with a particular affinity for all things Swing, Balkan, dub, Electro and vintage sounds.T his includes the likes of Gaudi, Z Star, General Levy, Spacepolice, JStar, DJ Pony, 99 Posse, Bob Andy, Feel Good Productions and alongside Asian Dub Foundation and English National Opera.Leaving Italy in 1996 and basing himself in London up until early 2014, Dr Cat’s musical journey has lead him in and out of studios, festivals and clubs. He worked first and foremost as a musician, performing on various albums as a key live element, has composed for soundtracks

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