Chamberlain (real name Dave Chamberlain) is from the UK and is known for producing cross genre music that covers all corners of EDM such as House, Progressive, Minimal, Tech-House, Techno and Deep House.Although his earlier work was considered to be more Electro House and Electronica, his style now leans more towards peak time Techno & main room Tech-House. Chamberlain has had music released on Baccara Music, Receptive Records, Inspired Digital, Wednesday Recordings, Black Fox Music, Volt9 records, Hi-Bias Records, and Paranoja Records to name a but a few, not to mention his own record lable "MainRoom Records", which was set up in 2006. Chamberlain's productions usually have a trademark sound and are often recognised as having huge breakdowns and build ups that lead into speaker shaking climaxes. For example, have

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