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Whiteside is the new star on German label Milk and Sugar. He is an established producer and remixer, whose work has already been published by infamous labels like Subliminal Records NY and Clubstar Germany. In addition to this, he has also remixed tracks by Armand van Helden and Junior Jack. 2010 will be another successful year for him.Whiteside has set a new milestone in his DJ career. One of Germany’s most representative house labels has signed him exclusively. Milk and Sugar is responsible for infamous hits like “Love is in the air” or “Let the sunshine in,“ which have caused a stir on dance floor all over the globe. Thank to Whiteside they are about to enter new production territory.After the inclusion of Whiteside’s “Crazy” in Essential Tunes by house legend Pete Tong, his latest production Candy Williams “got the music in me” has already made into the playlists of infamous DJ’s like Axwell, Steve Lawler, Robbie Rivera,ATFC, Jerry Ropero & Denise the Menace, Paul Stevens, Davidson Ospina, DJ Disciple, Victor Simonelli, Disco Boys and Joey Musaphia.He ‘s project name Candy Williams – I got the music in me – was one of the best selling records for Milk and Sugar Germany in 2006.T he follow up „move on up“, „have it all“ , time is right, love will keep us together „ entered the playlist of Disco Boys, Syke and Sugarstar, DJ Antoine, Eddie Thoneick,Axwell and even the more hardstyle DJ Steve Lawler included him. Roger Sanchez – NY even played his song : „time is right“ in his RADIO SHOW as a millstone in house music.The Milk and Sugar releases : „ love will keep us together“ & „ 2 make the things alright“ have been rockin the island of mykonos and ibiza 2010Whiteside is definitely one of Switzerland’s top 5 DJ’s. He represents something between the underground and TOP 40 scenes. His motto is: “I adapt to the vibes of a given club. Not the other way round!” As a result, you might always experience exciting surprises during his DJ sets. Moskow, Kiev, Odessa, Munich, Vienna, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Mykonos (SPACE „Fuck me I’m famous!) are just some of the places where he has recently played.Success has proven that Whiteside is right! His “Ugly House“ CD’s are the best selling house compilation series in Switzerland.All of them have reached the top 5 positions of the charts. Quite an achievement if you think that house is still a niche: this cannot be a mere coincidenceWhiteside works now officially with K Tel Records for further productions,Whiteside - till the night is overWhiteside - love and tearsThx to Mordax Bastards for co work and friendship in my projects


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