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Vincenzo Valterini and Emanuele Jacopo are two guys share the same passion formusic.The two DJs / producers in 2012 decided to create the new duo by name:Stop File.Inspired by artists such as Luciano, Loco Dice, Marco Carola and many others.Into their sets we can find different influences, giving a touch of style thatdifferentiates each their set.In recent years the Stop File created a series of EP Tech House labels such asMonique Spèciale, Microtech Records, Amazing Music and many others.On Monique Special with the great success of Cichito having a great supportfrom one of the most famous DJs "Loco Dice"They lat er worked wit h t he Microt ech Records wit h the project Maz Feliz Epincluding remixes as Aldo Cadiz and Egal 3.Their tracks are supported by DJs of international renown such as Loco Dice,Luciano,Marco Carola, Andrea Oliva, Alex Neri, Emanuele Inglese and many others