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Steel Grooves is the alter ego of DJ / Producer Rex Bruton of Austin TX. USA. Rex's lifelong journey into music began at the age of 10. First picking up a guitar and his strong will to learn had him playing in a local band not even 1 year later. After coming into contact with the Austin Rave scene in the mid 90's, Rex became a slave to the rave literally overnight. He sold off all his guitar equipment and found the legendary Technics 1200's, started collecting records and has never looked back. In less than 1 year Rex discovered the sound his soul was searching for. After hearing Frankie Bones at local party Rex soon discovered Drumcode, Hybrid, Planet Rhythm, Purpose Maker, X- Trax and form then on it was LET'S GO TECHNO! Originally he was known as DJ RJ but a much more powerful concept titled STEEL GROOVES emerged and this has been Rex's primary focus throughout his career. The name simply defines the style he plays. [Steel = Hard] [Grooves = Funky, Rhythmic, Dance Music] Rex has several other alias's but Steel Grooves is the number one son. A jack of all DJ tools, Rex knows how to shock a dance floor and make them say WHO IS IT!?!?!Over the years Rex has played just about every role in the Rave Circuit from Street Promoter to Event Coordinator and of course DJ to become a Producer. Present day Rex has achieved many personal goals by hosting many of his favorite DJs to play in Austin, and starting his own label Capital Techno Recordings. Capital Techno represents music in the same manner politics represent people. Just as in Government Politics there are also the same devious music politician's that think one sound is the true color of Techno and they seem to have forgotten what it means to be open minded. Capital Techno is made to serve all sides of the story rather than serving one specific point of view. Techno is a religion to Rex and sharing all his passion and knowledge to anyone interested or not, is essential to his lifestyle.You can find Steel Grooves music on labels such as. Capital Techno, TMM-R, Subcult, Sonic Convergence, Keep On Techno, Intertech Records, Intuition Rec, Envenom, Red Ribbon, just to name a few. Steel Grooves also holds 2 monthly residencies @ Kingdom Nightclub as after-hours DJ alongside local legend Jason Jenkins.For more info please visit:// KEEP IT STEEL!