Key Commands
 - Sheef Lentzki


Discreet, cold, he played in his own bubble, blindfolded but ears open.Present on the electronic music scene since 2010, with 150 gigs in the south of France. He will have the chance to play in essential establishments or at Techno festival. Following the evolution of the French Techno, he will be invited to play around in the south, and Spain. It is in 2013 that will have the chance to play alongside Magda, Gaiser, Shaded, Reboot and Egbert for the first time in Zenith, and also with Matador, Loulou Players, Pet Duo, Klaudia Gawlas and more ...His sets range from Deep House, Tech-House and Techno. They remain cold as his image, but his passion for music gives them this power that no one can imagine.His productions are shadow and mirror Sheef Lentzki 90 tracks signed about 15 labels, between Techno and Chill Out