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 - Moy Santana


Moy was infected with his musical illness in his childhood. Shy and introverted, he spent hours and hours at home listening to his parents’ vinyl record collection of Rock, Disco, Funk and Soul music of their time. Slowly but surely, he was educating his young ears and independently discovering electronic music in allits aspects.Seized by the club scene, and though not yet old enough t o enjoy it , he began document ing everyt hing that happened in Spain and internationally. At the age of 20, he had already gat hered a large vinyl collect ion and began to develop his other passion: computers, something that sparked his skills with technological advances. After ten years of professional experience in stores and distributors of underground music or radio, and having performed at the best clubs in his city, Moy has become a veteran and respected dj. He currently combines his multimedia engineering studies with collaborations on various projects like Coolstate, a party promotion project which he runs wit h his part ner and Jorge Moreno.