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 - Gurhan


His interest in music started in highschool - he played the drums. Music became a major part of his life in those years with various stage and studio performances. In time, he became interested in electronic music. Advancing technology made it possible for him to merge his passion for music with DJing and producing.After his succes in Miller Music Factory 2009's producing category, he was highlighted by electronic music heads. His Ep''Green Magic'' "Are You Rich, I'm Single?" and "Dream Cather" was supported by Steve Lavler,Lukas Greenberg, Mihalis Safras, Marc Depulse, Dave Tavera, David Sence, Hans Tavera, Max Demandi, David Rosalie, Josep Christian.He keeps producing in his own home-studio. His unique sound has lots of universal followers and has a good rate in Turkey's electronic music market. One of his work named "Bakarsın" in his So Excited Ep has chosen for 2010's Top Ten DeepHouse Tracks of Dinamo FM 103.8. Latest EP he published on Deep House Proposal "Between Us" single and its subsequent remixes by Terry Lee Brown Jr. and Subsky got attention from worldwide DJs (Such as Pezzner, Paul van Dyk) who charted them and supported it for months.He embraces deep and tech house genres...