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Born into a musical family Gamut naturally started to attend music elementary school at the tender age of 7 choosing drums & percussion as his instrument of expression. By age of 12 he has his first ties into a band working with other young musical enthusiasts focusing on progressive & hard rock. His musical tastes varied from Prodigy, Faithless to Massive Attack. A few years later and with the new millennium around the corner bands & gigs started to pass. 2000 he stumbles upon his first progressive/trance CD and listens to it...again and again... and immediately attends one of the infamous Hala Golovec massive parties and fell in love with the Electronic Underground music scene. The very next day he sold his new drums and bought himself a DJ set up and a handful of funky tec vinyl.As his mixing skills began to evolve so did his productions, a variety of mixing & producing was always mandatory for Gamut! His main influences are Cristian Varela, Valentino Kanzyani, Plastikman, DJ Preach and Dave Clarke to name but a few... Gamut ’s own product ions t o dat e have received support from the likes of Pedro Delgardo, Reaky, Veztax, Roman Zawodny, Aka Carl, Vortechtral, Rydel, Kev D and many more... Y ou can check out his t racks on labels: Sub Cult, Inter Tech, Vezotonik, New World Order, Urban Kickz, Starstraxx, Capital Techno.....


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Muenchen | 2011-12-01