Key Commands
 - Logotech


Since he started a personal and dynamic path through the electronic music world, Logotech's sounds had assumed a strongly introspective nature. Emotions processed in synthetic harmonies, embedded to hypnotic rhythms and space drones act as t he common t hread bet ween Logot ech's compositions, shaping a multidimensional resonances able to wrap the bystander in a symbiotic fusion.His inner view it 's a met aphoric mind project ion of t he paradoxical feeling of claustrophobia caused by shipping in the open space, shuffled to the astonishment induced by periodic vision of beautiful and unknown landscapes.Logotech designs his feelings. Reverbered spaces, distorted breaks, hypnotic melodies and random interferences mould his music to reconsider the old school techno paradigms in something connected wit h his mind.This concept is also reflected in his sets, where rhythm increases tension while it is moving forward unchallenged through sincopate melodies, hypnotic percussions and building grooves that produce introspection on “who” and “where”.Faces overlap and merge each ot her t o creat e a new dimension, they compose and fuse themselves into tangible imaginary of the musical abstraction of the sound.