Key Commands
 - Fapples


The project was founded in late 2009 as part of Project 2 people:Stephan and AlexanderThe basic style of the project, was elected Tech and Deep House style for the love of a steady and clear Bass and smooth honed rhythm.The project aims to create a modern, relevant, dance music in a trendy tendetsii producingtracks will be in contact with the innovations of the project, based on their thin but strong-sounding style of writing songs. In his small but cozy studio guys who create works quitesuccessfully rotated roughly "around the world," which is good news. Frequent calipers"uncles" say that their sound in high demand. The boys try to keep up with modern and actualsound, not forgetting to make a shred of originality and its exclusive and in each of their work(whether it be a mix, remix or track)Today the project has successfully developed and successfully integrated into the Europeanclub scene uttering a rather well-known labels such as : Plastic City, Light My Fire , Evolution,My Little Dog, Frequenza, Doppelgaenger, Lo Kik Records, Simple As That, Piso and more other.....