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 - Lezcano


Born July 9, 1994 , this young DJ / producer began experimenting electronic music very early , later, experimenting with new sounds going from electro / progressive house , into the most powerful hard Techno and Tech House.In love with the melodies, decided to start creating their own productions creating symphonic and piano melodies fused with electronic music . Shortly mastered the art of production and starts to become a producer with experience in the genres : Techno , Minimal . Progressive House, Techno Symphonic (This was considered) also chill out , ambient sounds , and armed by the symphonies .In his freshman year , is recognized by Alex Young, Mariano Santos , Manuel Sofia aka MOS , Sadder, Balthazar & JackRock , Glitter , Sasha Carassi , Oosfera , Dartek , D' Marquez , and other artists as the new promise of the scene electronics. Now part of the duo of DJ / Producers with his brother Armonik (D' Marquez & Lezcano).Lezcano continues to produce , trying to transcend himself , fusing the styles he likes to create something unique and harmonious, trying to convey a message of Love, Feeling, Peace, Joythrough his music , contributing his bit to musical world.