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Elekt rokid produces and remixes for Fedde Le Grand, John Dahlback, YDR, Dave Lambert, Elektrokiss, Benny Benassi,Wonderland avenue & Many More.From early childhood, David loved music. He liked the rhythms, the tunes, the samples during his adolescences, like a young composer, he spent his time, decomposing melodies, absorbing each note.Very early on, David was attracted to electronic symphonies: specifically techno and electro. With entrepreneurial zeal, he spent his early years gat hering all t he element s he needed t o creat e his own studio. Once this was achieved, he spent several years mixing disco tunes and perfecting his art. He soon came to be known as Elektrokid.By the mid 90s Sony Records recognized the pot ent ial in Elekt rokid and decided t o creat e t he label K&S. During a 4-year period, elektrokid compiled and produced many successful tracks. Elektrokid left Sony in 1999 to create Deelabstudio.His style is indefinable as he effortlessly compiles electro, house and even progressive electronic music. His music pieces have charmed the amateur genre. You will need to see (or in this case hear) him to fully appreciate the talent that is Elektrokid.