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 - CJ Hartmann


Chris Janisz aka C.J. Hartmann is a Berlin-based DJ and producer. Born in 1986 in Poland he started his adventure into electronic music at the age of 14. Fascinated and inspired by musicians like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Westbam he started gaining his musical knowledge collecting his favorite releases. Chris’s current, wide variety of sounds can be described as Electronica/Techno/House/Nu Disco/Indie. His music is deep, groovy, sometimes dark and heavily laced with his influences. A presence of melodies is always incorporated into his productions and sets. His careful track selection always tells the crowd its own story, taking people on 'a journey' creating a fantastic and unusual atmosphere on the dance floor. Hartmann's work has been named many times 'legendary', 'magical' and 'outstanding'. C.J. recently finished work on his first album. His great taste and ability to hypnotise the crowd has earned him a loyal following around the globe. Hartmann released so far on labels such as Ministry Of Sound (Germany) having his track amongst names : Paul Kalkbrenner, Oliver Koletzki, Mark Henning, Lee Jones, or Soul Clap. He is now debuting on a TOP Indie / Nu Disco label from NYC - Nurvous Records. His first collaboration with London - based artists - Loverdose and their work together received an amazing feedback from other artists and listeners being released on infamous compilations on Defected In The House and Hed Kandi. His techno side has been appreciated by top Italian label from Bologna - Frequenza , that places his tracks among stars like Maetrik, Pig & Dan, Gary Beck, Alex Bau, Piemont, Nihil Young or Ramon Tapia. Only his first EP on this label and one track from the album gets on Beatport 10 MUST HEAR TECHNO TRACKS and receives support from great artists like Oliver Huntemann (playing it at Cocoon Heroes Miami during WMC), Slam, Anderson Noise, Someone Else, Simina Grigoriu or Oliver Giacomotto. He was sharing the bill with stars like Miss Kittin, Stephan Bodzin, Monika Kruse, Kaiserdisco, Ame, Ellen Alien, Marc Romboy, Phil Kieran, Marco Carola, System Of Survival, Simon Baker, Thomas Schumacher, D. Ramirez, Oliver Koletzki and many more! Chris’s enthusiasm, talent and energy behind the decks was an inspiration to many and his future started to look extremely positive. Hartmann recently took things to the next level. You will be able to see him performing using the iPad 2 - LIVE FX controller and 'A MAGIC STICK' - Doepfer R2M in addition to his DJ sets!