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 - Jonathan David


Jonat han David is an Art ist /Producer from Toront oCanada. Coming from a mixed background of a mot herfrom Chile and a fat her from Germany, his musicout look and st yle sit right in t he middle of t hese t wocult ures. In a day where t echno has become st raightcrossover t o house or t ribal t ech, Jonat han is alwaysvery comfort able exploring t he space where t hese t wost yles meet . An at t ract ion t o rhyt hmic dirt y drums andbreat hing layers has become his focus in t he st udioand he is always looking t o add a lit t le sexualit y on t heback end. Creat ing music and designing sound feelingsis a way of life for Jonat han and t he fut ure shines brightfor t his hungry sleazy music lover. You can find him atpresent on t he coast s of Halifax NS where he sit s byt he sea and wat ches t he waves side chain.