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 - 212fahrenheit


212fahrenheit is not only the boiling point of water; it is alsothe name of a DJ and producer coming out of Germany. Hisgroovy House and techno- house sound makes his sets soclearly identifiable from other DJ’s. Growing up nearFrankfurt in the early 90’s, 212fahrenheits’ first introductionto house and techno music was in clubs such as “Omenand “Dorian Grey.” His first time on this scene lefta lastingimpression on him. He was fascinated by the way twoturntables could put people into a state of ecstasy, and so inthe mid 90’s 212fahrenheit decided that he was going to bea master of the turntables himself. With his first releases onKling Klong and Deep Circus, he caught the attention ofproducers. He is now, along with Micro Veitengruber, one ofthe heads of the label “Degree Records” which waslaunched in 2012.