E-cox Live! E-COX is an electronic music project formed by brothers Igor and Kika Willcox based on the house and its variations. Descended from a long line of musicians, the brothers are producers who accumulate vast experience in the electronic scene. The live is composed of synthesizers, drum machine,peripherals and still has the "plus" the charisma and the exuberant voice of Kika, thus leaving the stage performance even more compelling.The project has performed at major festivals and clubs in the electronic scene, like Spirit Of London, Tim Festival, Aero Caldas, Megavonts, White Label, Spirit of House Cultural Turn, Parktronic, Rio Quente Resorts, Pacha, Sedna (Goiania) , Lounge (Uberlandia / Rio Preto), Royal (Goiania), Nightclub (Maringa), Zoff Club (Indaiatuba), 180 graus(Ubatuba), Alizzari (Annapolis), Sirena Tour, FDS Araxá, Caldas Country, among many

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