DJ Nece

Jorge Lara growing up in New York he met a Dj named Mauricio Rojas Dj. Morris that mixed all genres of music and kept his djing as an extra employment from his daily one. Disk Jockey Morris showed him (DJ.Nece then 11) what Djing was about. Nece began to buy his vinyl, at that time he spun Hip Hop the genre that he liked. Jorge Lara at the age of 13 began to dj for his local area to learn how to use his equipment using Hip Hop music.At the age of 14 he obtained his first turntables to mix with his vinyl that he obtained with time. Years later he met a friend named Alfredo Viacava which liked Freestyle and House, him(DJ.Froze) and DJ.Nece joined together to make a

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