Cheeky D

Cheeky D truly is the man of the moment,his DJ sets are asrenowned as his productions.He grew up with all differentstyles such as breakbeat,house,speed-garage and technoand that is exactly what gas found its way into his ownproductions.He is a very easy going person when it comesto making music,he does not just stick to one genre,he willalways produce something totally different each andeverytime.Cheeky D has only been producing for just shy ofthree years now and is going up the ranks at a rapid pace,acouple of sayings Cheeky D always stands by are (Onlysick music makes money today / T he money and all theperks come Later,just be true to the game),as a DJ /Producer / Label Owner well we can only just sit back andenjoy the ride that this funky little

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