Alex Feti

Alex Feti is an italian Musician, Disc Jockey and Producer. Takes his first steps in local clubs such as Circle in the jungle and Morositas Lab, Jeka Love Techno and Direction Crew. He has also partecipated in numerous festival such as the Yellow Night, Liberacollarte and ViviFortezza (Siena). Later, thanks to his productions he arrives to play with artists like Metempsicosi (Ricky le Roy, Mario Più, Luca Pechino...), Gabry Fasano, Miki and Lele Sacchi. Alex is both a guitarist and singer of High Flying Beans, the band founded by him. Alex is also the Owner of Magnum Label (Founded by him).In 2019 he produced his first track "Babalu" and in 2020 his second track "Tantra" both are Magnum Label releases . Furthermore, in 2021, he made is debut with his third

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