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Van Yorge (date of birth: 19 March 1980 Radomsko- Poland) polish DJ and music producer. His music is focused around trance, progressive house and commercial house. Since very young age he was very interested in music, he attended private school for musicians, which he finished with an outstanding grade. His career began in 2005, when he bought FL Studio. Next years were full of new project and productions, which with time, were more professional and perfect. In 2011 his songs (Feel It, Summer Time, Overload and Out Of My Mid [Club Mix]) were presented in Torun's music label Dantom Records. In 2012 his first extended play was presented by Korosal Records. Next year, the same label presented next extended play, which was made by Van Yorge and Tomio, called Love in the Rain. Other track from this EP could have been heard on medley such as Bigroom Delicious 2013 (@ Side Records) or Music Charts presented is Attention.Inc Music. Next productions made by Van Yorge were showed in Milton Music, EML Recording, COF Recordings and Central Stage of Music (Blue Destination); recently his newest track was presented in Fractalism Music, Tenerife Spain. Van Yorge was and still is working with many DJs such as Solar Energy, Danny Legatto and Simon Groove (Sand Island), Tom Crowd,Tomio ,Ian Davecore ,Mick Overfeel, Sphercial Bloom, dj Cralo, Matt'de Loure, Ian Davecore, Sensitive ,Luca Dean ,Zoon'r, and also singer, Agata Śliwińska and Ginger (Asia Czajewska). Van Yorge is producing his music with passion and commitment, giving all his heart and time to improve himself and his music. His tracks are available on Beatport, Amazon, iTunes and Traxsource


Music Charts
Tomio, Van Yorge, Tim Flanders, Ray Burnz, Javid Senerano, Mykel Mars, Claudio Viti, Frankie D, Vita, Maurizio Inzaghi, Eav Kay, Benny White, B Van E, Christopher Felix, Pamela, Aleksandra Radosavljevic, Project Mess, Dj Imprezive, Purple Punkz, Davie Terry, Chriz Cramer, Radunz & Leitner, Theo Beck, Justyna, Lyane Leigh, Excessive Clubbers, DJ Absinth, House Kartel, Alicia, Million Faces, Vandice, Gabriel Miller, Xero, Matt Waro, Chompi, Mr Ferrigno, Bonsugi, Decay City, Didu, Ron Ravolta, J T Project, Miss Moonlight, B. Bone, Polarbear, Damon Paul, Patricia Banks, Los Tiburones, DJ Sanny J, Deadstar, Infected Fay, Cut N Glue, Tosch, Portmann, Addario, Walter Native, Jay Jacob, Leon Shady, Pitch Black Gold, Wavepuntcher, Sexual Energy, Edun, Oscar Salguero, Who Is That Dj, Sun Robot, Brisby, Jingles, Miloud, Cuba Club, Flash Brothers, Paris Encore, Damien Heck, Damien J. Carter, Özkan Önder, K.K., Dirty Ztylerz, Stay-C, Trevor Jackson, Visioneight, Freit, DJ Semih, Mhfm Project, Genial, House Puncherz, Soul Bros., DJ Ex-One, Punkd, Jens Zimmer, Calabria, Houseclashers, Lemonite, Galaxy Dream, Romance D, Squeezer, Ray And Kay, Ciccio Colonna, Mark Alvarado, Stephan Crown, Bastian Basic, Ich & Du, Robert Abigail, Dj Puga, Luis Herrero, Ivan Martin, Bts Chitlom, Dancefloor Warning, Old School Boys, Clash, Sun Robot, Guido De Gyrich, Excessive Clubbers, John Done, B Van E, Electrophunk, Ivory, Aerotrancer, Chriz Samz, Jürgen G-punkt, Eddy Hard, Ryan Reverb, Balu Da Houseclasher, Enzio Velli
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