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 - Valdas Sakalauskas


Valdas was born January 04, 1992. He grew up in Akmene, a town located in the north of Lithuania. He is the new generation in trance and progressive music. In 2010 he decided to produce electronic music and now it's part of his life!In the early spring of 2012, he signed the first single of this project on Mycore-Records called "Out of Space".At an early age, and with already massive production skills, Valdas is looking forward to share more of his music, and cannot wait to start touring over the world to spread his passion for club music!The best from this young producer/dj is yet to come!


100 Trance Tunes
Darthii, Mode Orchestra, Cold Rush, Karati, George Harrold, Caled, Marius Balzer, Miss Moonlight, B. Bone, Nic Toms, Emrah Barut, Berdone, Jeff, Dale, Sylvie, Slimer, Fischer, Miethig, Grand K., Mosahar, Sergio Dub, Maxim Yurin, DJ Satore, Mark Miquel, Dead And Growing, Shango V, Bailey, Blumenkraft, Kyota, Rene Ablaze, Synthesia, Tech Trek, SpaceLine, Crossedeyes, Avalona, Robbie Fithon, Nivanoise, Cem Esgen, Bissen, Victor Dinaire, Stephen Pickup, DJ Sakin, Abendrot, Pluton, Vlad Zelinskiy, Gnidj, Finist, Aleksey Zhahin, Dj Inva, DJ Cyber, Justyna, Ralph Novell, Equaxion, Fanatic Emotions, Morri, Mik Arlati, Eyesman, P. Missat, Chris Forward, Querox, Imperfection, Mujahid, Javah, Mimi Boheme, Nivaya, R-V-M, Schakal, Deadstar, Gabriel Miller, M-Rec!, Bvibes, John Spencer, Infected Fay, Cut N Glue, Dissy, Tiff Lacey, Mark Khoen, Oen Bearen, DJ Roncio, Ten Thence, Astralsound, Thomas Pryce, Dani Bosco, Aruso, Special, John Iuliano, Karol Konik, Matt O Neill, Denis Pfeiffer, Grigory Prometey, Dominico Pondolfo, Dr. Alex, M.a.t.o., Shympulz, Creative Response, Vincent Dacosta, Brian McCarthy, Claudio Fiore, Flicka, Paw Luk, Arctic Domination, Alexander Dream, Call Me Kay, Airosource, Steklo, Dimo Van Kos, DJ Any, Valdas Sakalauskas, Mauro Panello, Rowla, Cosmicspace, Cut N Glue, Aaron Underwood, Roy Edward, Aeden, Chris Forward, Victor, Sovt, Vlegel, Bvibes, Con Phillips, Sunset, Elmomaclroy, Cowboy Mike, Dario Garcia, More Vocal, Ian Buff, Onehundred, Toxic Universe, Oen Bearen, The Qmaster, Tranceless D., Wavepuntcher, Rene Ablaze, Deepside Groove, Cdj`s Vibo Bros, Martin Hughes, Sanderland, Edgar Tapia
Trance Gold Records | 2012-08-10