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 - Tito


His career is marked by enthusiasm and entrepreneurial vision of a DJ with innovative musical ideas.Tito was born in Lugo in 1982 in the midst of a working poor family and he has forged an authentic personality. From a young age he has a great passion for music, learning to play the piano and guitar. In 2000 he comes into contact with electronics, visiting the best clubs and sharing a cabin with numerous recognized djs. Even out to festivals such as "I love techno" always looking for their hallmark. In 2002, invests in its team and begins to act out rooms Galicia and the occasional rave (Techno-Galicia) for the most important thing is striking a balance between technique and atmosphere, known to always selecting music and sound to make look like one just getting the public to enjoy. In 2005, immersed in a business project that absorbs and decided to take a musical break, though individually continues to search for new sounds. In late 2008, his friends create a collective battle, Laboratory- collectivism, deciding and getting involved again but now with a maturity as a DJ. Act and participate in any event that motivates and enables you to expand your creative abilities. In 2009 decided to develop a little more Osmo Monika's hand, getting belong to their artist rosters .. This past year (2011) Tito has taken a big step in his career as a producer with Higinio investing time and looking for new programs that can create and transmit everything so that the music means to him. Tito has more enthusiasm than ever, his style, his sets, his first productions attest to the power, elegance of his work and leaves no one indifferent. Confident in their potential and that of his group decided to create the Dec Records label that certainly brings you closer to your dream.