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 - Sutja Gutierrez


Generally, I don’t like talking about the past.We all eventually sell our best moments and, by telling you my story, my purpose is no other that making you live a bittersweet and sincere experience.I’ve had some problems in the course of my life (kleptomaniac, sex-obsessed, depressive, bipolar, etc.)I’m the only one who knows Sutja Gutiérrez.I started looking for musicians wherever I lived. Some contributed to my experience, but some snatched me what I appreciate the most in this life. Creativity.We all have our own creativity flow, and it is not until you share it with others that they modify it their way. And that's what they'll do until they are satisfied. I wasn’t prepared for that.That’s how I decided to start over on my own and I created “The Fruhstucks”.At the moment, I’m working on my own and everything you see, hear or read is done by me, processed by me and minutely analysed by me. It is unique, very personal and worthy of all of you.1 Single, 3 Eps, 2 Lps and some other free stuff helped me to reach everything I ́ve reached up to today.I am currently working as a vocalist too with the best electronic producers like Marek Hemmann, Affkt, Edu Imbernon, Coyu,... and I released music on some amazing labels like Sincopat, Still Vor Talent, This Is Music,...I do more than music and I am not a musician; I don’t even want to be one.I’ll show you step by step how to destroy your mind, your soul and your creativity, reaching a climax you’d never imagined before.Appreciate it, follow me and nourish my story.Sutja Gutiérrez born in your love, died in your mouth.