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Musician, Composer and Sound Producer, Pavel Popov aka FRONT, a resident of the such labels as COF Recordings,Vandit, Shah Music, Armada, Blue Sky Records, Fektive and System Recordings. The begining of this path, takes place in 1989 in the first forbiden rock bands in the USSR. At this time FRONT has founded his own Record Lable "COF Recordings" and own recording studio. At this moment FRONT is known in many famous electronic projects and a more than 10 albums released all over the world with a more than 50 singles. FRONT is a often guest at the big amount of the Digital and FM broatcasts all around the world, such as [ASOT, Vonyc Session, PureFM, Afterhours FM]. His tracks are performed by the leading Trance DJ's, like Armin Van Buuren, Paul van Dyke, Roger Shah an Pedro Del Mar, so you can hear it at the every dance floor in the world. Also FRONT music can be heard in a big amount of PC Games, PC Games Developers and Publishing Companies are welcome the FRONT to work with him, because his music helps to show all the game dynamic. Positive and the melodic part confirms it, like one of the talented and famous RUSSIAN musician in the world. Please welcome, to the world of the positive emotions and feelings with the music of the FRONT.


Trance Top 100, Vol. 19
Signum, Jon O'Bir, Martin Roth, Alex Bartlett, Akesson, Adam Sheridan, Jan Vayne, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Kuffdam, York, Woody Van Eyden, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Michelle Citrin, Filo & Peri, Eric Lumiere, Front, Paul Trainer, Vast Vision, Simon, MLV, Gordon Coutts, Techno Squirrels, Jan Johnston, DJ Shah, Alexander Popov, Mark Sherry, James Allan, Hydroid, Kimito Lopez, Oceania, Activa, Sneijder, Emma Lock, Walsh & Mcauley, Francis Davila, Christian Rusch, Tyler Michaud, Rapid Eye, Public Domain, Emi, Stephen Pickup, Joey Medina, Fei-Fei, Derelict, Menno De Jong, TyDi, DJ Mind-X, Truby, Sabanci, Tritonal, Arney S., Lang & Yep, Jo Micali, Ben Nicky, Vadim Soloviev, Susie Ledge, Orla Feeney, Sky Motion, Fisher, Michael, Fast Distance, Adam Foley, Broning, Scenix, Gary Proud, Cesar Lugo, Ana Criado, Lo-Fi Sugar, Greg Downey, Mark Andrez, Den Rize, Mark Otten, Solace & Solitude, Reverse, Tom Colontonio, Philippe El Sisi, Katie Marne, Coral Reef, Linnea Handberg, Force Majeure, James Dymond, Duderstadt, Hannah Ray, D-Factor, Probspot, Adam Kancerski, Orjan, Ashley Wallbridge, Crossryders, Airbase, Ilana, Paul van Dyk, Gareth Emery, Genix, Mark Otten, Funabashi, Omen, Philippe El Sisi, Gordon Coutts, ARA & Becka, Feel, Fei-Fei, Paul Webster, Mike Shiver, Sebastian Krieg, Roman F., Bobina, Greg Downey, Public Domain, Activa, Gladiator, Steve Mulder, Zoom, Menno De Jong, Sundriver, Andy Duguid, Fred Baker, Terry Bones, Barnes & Heatcliff, Luke Terry, Indecent Noise, Andrew Bennet, Steve Allen, Mike Emvee, Vast Vision, Marcus Schossow, Yodis, Peter Martijn Wijnia, N.U.K.E., Blake Jarrell, Jeff Devas, Peter Haze, NJ Mafia
ARVA | 2013-07-12