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 - Plusculaar


He was interested in music from an early age and was looking for a reflection of himself in it. Plusculaar comes from Romania and although is very young (born in 1987) represents his own but long – sought style. He has found it in the end because he knew that he wants to bind his future with djing and music. He was gigging in more important clubs in Bucharest with such musicians as paco osuna, skoozbot, mihai popoviciu, dachshund, florian meindl, andre crom, xpansul. After some major successes in Amsterdam and Romania ( f. ex. DJ contest organization) he also found himself as a producer. He was producing for esemtrax, roots & wings music, resopal shallware and many more labels. His music is played by carlo lio, someone else, marco carola, davide squillage, esemdi and more. Plusculaar says about himself: “I can see I am on my way to gig in top clubs and produce music. But you can hear it from DJs and producers from all over the world. Anyway, my way doesn’t stop here. I can feel that I just started and I’m ready for this ride! That’s the difference!”.


Ministry Of Electro House Vol.20
Mastro Deejay, Marco Battagliero, John De Mark, Eric Tyrell, The Whiteliner, Natasha Burnett, Adam Jarell, Kid Shakers, Javi Ortiz, Midnight Beats, Vertical Smile, Luke Tolosan, Damien N-Drix, Daft Steve, LeksTone, Calabria, Kuchinke, Bayer, Ben Quarman, Ralph Daily, Danky Cigale, Mykel Mars, Mistow, Chad D, Andreas Ernst, Autarc, Funkystars, Dave Kurtis, Allen Alexis, Giuseppe Visciano, Walter Native, Jay Jacob, Hannover House Mafia, Dellmon, Laera, Fuiano, Dr. Kucho!, Funky Truckerz, Martin Brunelli, Mind24, Falke, Vogelbein, Halm, Witt, Jan Cooper, Dark Blonde Elektric, Goshi, Fabiana, Deba Montana, Plusculaar, Nico Dacido, Plus.escu, Ron Ractive, Schwarz, Vince, Franky Miller, Marc Systematic, DJ Chuggs, Nick Svenson, Simon D, Ilicris, Housegroover, Eric Powa B, Weisz, Florian Göttler, Marco Raineri, Teddy Sambuki, Vincenzo Ciotoli, Re-Tide, Taste Of Honey, Markanera, Nita, Christian Hard, D Lombardini, Tayler.d, Sergey Estek, Stoneman, Sam Greycious, Alexander Kvitta, Wellfox, Pen Perry, Paul Skutch, California Ave, Clemens Rumpf, David A. Tobin, Tobias Lenz, Aren Suarez, Maks, Gabriel Woods, Horny United, Watson, Creek, Andreas Thiessen, Michael Schendel, Leandro Costa, Brown Sugar, Bassfinder, Claudio Lari, Rico Ventura, LeksTone, Rene M Bieler, Kevin Hills, Nick Harvey, Chris Hauer, Giuseppe Visciano, Sean Finn, Lampenfieber, Different Language, Brennan, Donton, Whiteside, Deba Montana, Alfonso Padilla, Nogales, Minitronix, Kyzen, Florian Schmidt, Steve Masterson, Marco Furnari, Franky Miller, SE-TA, Knique, Stoneman, Zito, Dave Kurtis
Vinyl Loops Records | 2012-07-13