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A DJ/Singer/Songwriter and qualified Sound Engineer, this Musician and Producer, previously a founding member of the groove funk odyssey otherwise known as Caytie Marvelis.Mr Bong has always been a long-term exploiter of anything that incorporates a broken beat with adventures in Breaks, Dubstep, Drum and Bass and Hip Hop. Mr Bong has always favoured the vinyl side of DJ’ing but over the last 4 years he has taken his sound and performance to new levels through the use of Ableton Live, blending his sets with samples, live drum edits and on the fly live elements with the use of Akai APC 40 and Ozonic Keyboard.Mr Bong is also one of the founding members of the Two Twiggs Xperiment, that specializes in promoting/producing events, as well as managing and developing artists and DJ’s through the DJ agency. Also responsible for some of the biggest names in music coming to South Africa like Diesel Boy, Cargo 77, DJ Vadim (Ninja Tunes), Pendulum, General Midi and Freq Nasty.Artists that Two Twiggs Xperiment represented include DJ Redwood, MPI Project, Mr Bong, Blunted Stuntman, Brotherman, DJ Afrowhitie, Missile Myles, Tasha Baxter and Devils Cartel. .Mr Bong and Two Twiggs Xperiment also launched S.A’s first breakbeat forum site, in the pursuit of exposing breakbeat in S.A and beyond.With various tours abroad, Mr Bong has played at clubs like Mylo & the Booze Club in Athens and Thessaloniki respectively and even managed to bring his unique style to the Greek Isles of Naxos and Crete while playing at events organized by Plenty and Zoltan Tribe.Mr Bong has also played in Amsterdam at Chicago Boom with long term collaborator MPI Project, one half of the production duo DaChron. While residing in the U.K, Mr Bong secured 4 monthly residency Loco and Fracture Clinic events at TIMBUK2 in Bristol. Mr Bong has also made an appearance at Pump at the Prince Club in Brixton, London as well as at Bar Knowledge, hosted by Knowledge Magazine at Café 1001 in London.Moving to the U.K in early 2007 Mr Bong has focused on his production skills and the completion of his forthcoming album “Bongville Stomp” which will feature artists from South Africa, England, Japan and China.While in the UK, Mr Bong joined Reggae Afrobeat and Hip Hop band, Trenton and Free Radical. Trenton and Free Radical have toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe with Mr Bong playing keys and samples for the band on an Ozonic Midi keyboard, Ableton and Akai APC40. Some of the festivals they have played over the last 8 months include Standon Calling (Standon - England), Beach Break Live (Wales), Trans Festival (Belfast), EuroCulture (Manchester – England) with a special appearance at the British Museum in honour of Mr Mandela’s birthday on International Mandela day July 2010.Mr Bong currently hosts “Bongville Stomp” on Back2Basics Radio ( the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month, highlighting the breakbeat sound and the residents of Bongville.Mr Bong had also had residencies at the following nights in South Africa: SENSE, BACK 2 BASS, OFFLINE, PRESSURE, KISS EVENTS, SELECT and has hosted a breakbeat night at Mo's Beat Bar in Norwood, Jhb. Mr Bong has played at clubs like The Assembly, Club 121, Fiction, @115, Transky, Roxy’s Bar, DJ Lounge, Citrus Lounge, The Bassline, Tings and Times, Street Café, The Woods (Dubmental) and Carfax to name a few.Mr Bong has played alongside International big names like; Diesel Boy, Cargo 77, DJ Woody (ITF World Champ), DJ Vadim (Ninja Tunes), Tom Novy, Pendulum, King Unique, General Midi, Radio Slave VS Rekids, Jay Haze and Freq Nasty.He has made appearances at festivals like RAMFest, Rezonance NYE Festival, Oppikoppi, Woodstock, Flux festivals and the SABC YOUTH DAY CONCERT in Newtown 2005.Mr Bong has also been featured on 5FM’s Vinyl Frontier, Tuks FM’s Eclectic Mix, GO-3 on GO T.V, UBONA on Channel O and MK 89.Mr Bong hosted a radio show on Tuks FM with DJ Stav, most Sunday morning’s between 10am - 2pm on "The Eclectic Mix" exposing the breakbeat culture and promoting local South Africa producers and DJ's.Two Twiggs Xperiment are responsible for several releases on their music label namely; DJ Redwood - Redrum Caytie Marvelis - “Perpetual Groove Motion”Brotherman and the Groove Assassins – Universal Energy that is Groove Brotherman and the Groove Assassins – IncognitoDISCOGRAPHYCaytie Marvelis “Perpetual Groove Motion” - Two Twiggs Xperiment RecordsBrotherman and the Groove Assassins - Universal Energy that is Groove, Two Twiggs Xperiment RecordsBrotherman and the Groove Assassins - Incognito, Two Twiggs Xperiment RecordsMr Bong’s track “11:59” was featured in the full length movie sound track to “Sista” His other track “6 x 9” was featured on the sound track to “A Man in The Street”Mr Bong has just completed the music score for an Independent film “The Interview” and is currently working on another independent film called “Dark Reflection”The Pinkertones: “Love Tape” - Mr Bong and MPI Project Remix, Outstanding Records Da Chron – “Dub Grind”, Fracture RecordsDa Chron – “Original Raver featuring Fizzy”, Fracture Records, Featured on Breakin ZA compilation mixed by The Blunted StuntmanMr Bong – “Booty Bong”, Two Twiggs Records, Featured on Breakin ZA compilation mixed by The Blunted StuntmanFor further information or if you would like to book Mr Bong please contact us on; Email: greg@twotwiggs.comWeb: Voice: +27 (0) 718865247


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