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Born in Chiavari, class 1990, Manuel Di Fiore approachesthe world of nightlife starting to attendevenings related mostly to house music / techno.On one of these evenings, driven by the desire to live themas a protagonist, comes in contact with the group"Evolution",which for years has been in the leading Italian and foreignevents and from there he began working as a pr in thegroup,experiencing first-person evenings at Tenax, TinìSoundgarden, Time Warp, only to quote some events.But the passion for the sounds of Manuel grows and beginshis short career as a dj,making his debut on the evening "Evolution 013 SummerEnd" at the Disco Sol LevanteAt the same time Manuel comes in contact with midikeyboards, samplers and groovebox, and begins to producerecords,his early works are noticed by a label which gives exclusiverights to the output of tracks.Manuel plays with the vinyl, using software for DJs (Traktor),and to produce (Ableton), and it is in this way that is able todevelop the sound that is in him.