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 - Atie Horvat


Atie Horvat (Horvát Attila) was born on the 24th on June, 1989 in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (today Serbia). Music has always been a part of his interests and always wanted to ba a musican.On a day in the beginning of 2011 he found Hefty’s music. From then on his whole life has been changed by Hefty’s dark, deep and trippy music. He became his favorite, listening only to him and similar Djs and producers, like Tirai, Memnok, Ochu Laross, Splatter, Hertzman,Ixel,Handall for 1.5 years, under which he made acquaintanceships with Amir Razanica. Since music became a very important part in expressing his feelings, he finally decided to make music. The August of 2012 marked the beginning of his career, when he’s been given a chance to remix one of Amir’s tracks, which was later released on SubWoofer -and RawHard Audio Records.His first EP is titled “Gazebo EP” which also came out on SubWoofer Records.So far he is released on labels like Resorted Recordings,Brachial Kontakt,Business Class Records,Black Circus,Naughty Pills Records and many more and he is supported by atrists such as like: Hefty,Dolgener,Diatek,Kevin Wesp,Extra Dry,Mike Maass,Silvano Scarpetta,Peat Noise,R.Cooper,Ig Noise,Dkult and many many more...