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 - Locomatica


After years of sharing the same passion for electronic music and the techno genre in particularly during their teenage years, the late 90s and early 2000s, and following the underground scene with same interest and curiosity, two best friends from school, Marko Mratinkovic and Vladan Zegarac, have decided to take a serious step forward with their musical education and raw talent. Their story officially started in 2009 when Locomatica presented their first tracks to the public. Since the very beginning of their career, the production duo managed to attract heavy support and to maintain the quality, constantly progressing, although their versatility remained untamed, constantly floating between sub-genres of techno music.An upturn in Locomatica's life occurred in summer 2013 as a result of serious cuts in studio and music-making process, finding the missing screw and secret thread for their creations alongside the decision to stick with one direction only, techno direction only, releasing exclusively on their own LCMTC record label.