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Martín Ignacio Gil Aka K-pax And Kasall was born in 1984 , in Buenos Aires , Argentina. He began his career as a DJ and Dance Music producer back in 2005, at age 21, influenced by greatly recognised House and Progressive House artists, like Hernán Cattaneo, Sasha, John Digweed, Nick Warren, Randall Jones and Chris Micali, among others.Today K-pax / Kasall has over 60 releases on a wide range of labels and in the most massive online stores around the globe: Beatport, Juno, DJdownload, to name just a few. His most outstanding releases have been a remix of a classic Progressive House release by D-Nox & Beckers, namely, Jet lag Slave k-pax remix, at the end of March, 2012, on Baroque Records. In addition, another very important release was done along with Bs. As. Deep, with a remix of Moonbeam - Foxy (K- pax & Bs. As. Deep RMX), released in the same year, as well. He has also worked with major labels like the afore-mentioned label Baroque Records, Rapture Records, Babylon Records, Per-Vurt Records, Polytechnic Recordings, Balkan Connection, Sudam Recordings, Stripped Records, Mistique Records, London Music, 76 Recordings, and many others. K- pax's works have also been re-mixed by Joy Márquez, Nicholas Van Orton, Bs. As. Deep, Kintar, Chris Drifter, etc. K-pax has recently given rise to the alias Kasall, aiming to achieve more melodic and darker Progressive House-oriented sounds. Under the alias Kasall, he has also signed for various releases already, which will be out soon, and he is currently being supported by big artists like Hernán Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Jimmy Van M, Flash Brothers, Guille Quero, Martín García, Stan Kolev, Christian Cambas, etc.Also K-pax / Kasall has been supported by Hernán Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Randall Jones.As a DJ, he has performed at major clubs in Argentina, like Pueblo Límite (Villa Gesell, in the Atlantic coast), El Alma (Pinamar, Atlantic Coast, as well), Ciudad Este, in the province of Mendoza, Barhein, in downtown Buenos Aires, Go Amnesia, Tayma, Club O.H.M., and at many more nightclubs.K-pax is now bracing himself for his first international DJ tour in Mexico and the United States, represented by the prestigious booking Agency, UNITEPRO MEXICO.K-pax / Kasall has participated in several radio broadcasts, like Frisky , Proton Radio And Pure FmIn a few words, he, both in his mixes and sounds, is looking to find his unique style of music and entertainment for the masses.Release references: Youtube: Facebook contact: martin k-pax Bookings in Mexico and the U.S.A.:ht t p://www.unit


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Baroque Digital | 2012-12-17