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London native Taylor, growing up was exposed to an array of music genres, taking full advantage of his hometown being such a melting pot of culture and sound, provided him a great appetite to explore music new and old, picking up a vast knowledge of dance music and extensive record collection.Taylor has performed guest sets at Pacha London, Ministry of Sound, Egg, Lightbox & XOYO, whilst co-promoting events in between setting up his blog project ‘Citizen Funk’, which is a platform to showcase creative people, he personally knew. After a short break, he felt it was time to express his ideas gained after years of entertaining clubbers into music production.Autumn 2013 he gained success with his ‘In My Way’ EP, co- produced with fellow London based duo Tough Love [Toolroom Records] on Andre Crom’s Berlin imprint OFF Recordings. ‘In My Way’ scored BBC Radio 1 plays on both B.Traits & Pete Tong shows, a number 1 spot on Ministry of Sound’s Official House chart and Beatport Top Ten House chart position followed, with support from Amine Edge, Doorly, Wehhba & Tiesto.Next up for Taylor, came ‘This Feeling’ EP on Get Twisted Records, which is home to artists such as Denney [Hot Creations], Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo [Dirtybird] & Sean Roman [Hot Waves]. Taylor gained more attention with the likes of Leftwing & Kody, Sidney Charles & Hhan Solo all showing support.More Beatport chart success followed alongside radio plays on Kiss FM London, leading to the opportunity to remix for Detroit legend Kevin Saunderson’s KMS Records. Taylor’s rework of Stonez Ft. Cherie Jones ‘Blind Folds’ track, saw established names such as Steve Bug, Richie Hawtin, Sasha, Sonny Wharton & Kevin Saunderson himself featured it on his DJ Mag Miami 2014 mix.Expect new material from Taylor, with forthcoming releases on KMS Records & UK House label Love Not Money Records.Artist Bio


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