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Francesco Ranni also known as JoanLui was born in February 1980 in Wuppertal. He loves the Electronic music and at the End of the 9o's He celebrated a lot in the Techno Scene with his friends. They celebrated the Electronic Culture. One day he did not only wanted to celebrate it anymore, he wanted to know how it works out if he starts making music himself. He started with two 1210 er turntables to mix. That was how everything started. In the later autumn 2008 he began to produce his own music.And it was hearable. He met the one or other guy but just with his real good friend Frederik Martin aka Miditec it was possible to get really started with the project.They really fit to each other and their style became really special and knownable in the Scene. Since 2013 they have a very unique style that is from driving and banging to darkish and atmospheric Techno.