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(Tomio), his adventure with music started back in the 90's, listening to music broadcast Friday on Radio club for you, since that time, virtually all began. Gradually learned simple programs to produce music that turned into a passion for life. The desire to create their own songs, and the continuous acquisition of knowledge about music production led to the first productions.His first small successes recorded the single "Gotta Tell You" released in Minimalove Records label in 2011, the stylish, funky house turned into a genre that seeks to continue to this day, continuous experymenty in house music shows that offer a range of climates and likes to create, from references to house classics of the 90's funk & disco and after a strong progressive and tech-house.


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Tomio, Van Yorge, Tim Flanders, Ray Burnz, Javid Senerano, Mykel Mars, Claudio Viti, Frankie D, Vita, Maurizio Inzaghi, Eav Kay, Benny White, B Van E, Christopher Felix, Pamela, Aleksandra Radosavljevic, Project Mess, Dj Imprezive, Purple Punkz, Davie Terry, Chriz Cramer, Radunz & Leitner, Theo Beck, Justyna, Lyane Leigh, Excessive Clubbers, DJ Absinth, House Kartel, Alicia, Million Faces, Vandice, Gabriel Miller, Xero, Matt Waro, Chompi, Mr Ferrigno, Bonsugi, Decay City, Didu, Ron Ravolta, J T Project, Miss Moonlight, B. Bone, Polarbear, Damon Paul, Patricia Banks, Los Tiburones, DJ Sanny J, Deadstar, Infected Fay, Cut N Glue, Tosch, Portmann, Addario, Walter Native, Jay Jacob, Leon Shady, Pitch Black Gold, Wavepuntcher, Sexual Energy, Edun, Oscar Salguero, Who Is That Dj, Sun Robot, Brisby, Jingles, Miloud, Cuba Club, Flash Brothers, Paris Encore, Damien Heck, Damien J. Carter, Özkan Önder, K.K., Dirty Ztylerz, Stay-C, Trevor Jackson, Visioneight, Freit, DJ Semih, Mhfm Project, Genial, House Puncherz, Soul Bros., DJ Ex-One, Punkd, Jens Zimmer, Calabria, Houseclashers, Lemonite, Galaxy Dream, Romance D, Squeezer, Ray And Kay, Ciccio Colonna, Mark Alvarado, Stephan Crown, Bastian Basic, Ich & Du, Robert Abigail, Dj Puga, Luis Herrero, Ivan Martin, Bts Chitlom, Dancefloor Warning, Old School Boys, Clash, Sun Robot, Guido De Gyrich, Excessive Clubbers, John Done, B Van E, Electrophunk, Ivory, Aerotrancer, Chriz Samz, Jürgen G-punkt, Eddy Hard, Ryan Reverb, Balu Da Houseclasher, Enzio Velli
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