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Jaime Herrera (aka K-MEL), was born in the Tiger Anzoátegui State (Venezuela), on the 20th December 1983. He has been living in this eastern city first 4 years of his life, and then he moved to Ojeda City / Z ulia State. Currently he lives in Bucharest, Romania since 2012. Since very young always felt attracted by the world of music and at the age of 13 he took his first steps through the rock, playing instruments like guitar and bass, but nothing concrete ever official. 2006 was the year of transition for him, as he dedicated himself to learn and fully understand everything about electronic music, starting this way his career in the turntables world at the beginning of 2007. Practicing a lot with his first display, quickly learned later to play the new sounds that were popular on the dance floor, such as house, trance & electro, this being the start of his career as Dj. During the same year he decided to change his musical influences keeping the idea of creating an underground movement, playing percussion-dominated subjects, subtle changes of rhythms and experimental sounds like techno and minimal. This idea was made together with Dj Systhem, making possible the birth of the collective ULTRA VIOLET GROUP (UVG). Later joins to the collective a new member, Antonio Trotta, one of the main promoters of minimal style in east Coast of the lake, UVG being this way the pioneer of underground electronic moving of Ojeda City (Venezuela). Starting with year 2010 K-MELmade himself known at internationally level; thanks to the track 2000 watt wich belongs to the dj/ producer Brian Sanhaji (Germany), track which Jaime Herrera made a few modifications that brought it into the public light as 2000 Watt (K-MEL re-edit). In spiteof not being a remix of the track, because he hadn't the tools, won and reached the hearts of European and American public this being a big step in his career. Thenwas contacted by several European labels to seal the track but something couldn't be possible because the artist (Brian Sanjahi) didn't authorize it. In any ways it was not an impediment for the success of this dj, that thanks to this Re- edit made himself known by the European public, considered for many as the Dj revelation of South American techno. Followed intensively by international social network Facebook users and supported in his work. Receiving many invitations from international radio of Germany, England, Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Serbia, Romania, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, among others, to promote his sets, international projects and proposals, to realize tour to Europe, playing in countries such as Germany & Romania. In the 2011 turns resident of one of the most important radio stations in Germany CUEBASE-FM.DE his radio program called "THE K-MELSHOW" which is broadcasted every Monday from 21:00 CEST, playing great djs and producers well known worldwide as DAVID MOLEON (SPAIN), MARCEL EI GIO (ARGENT INA), ELECT RONMIKE (AUST RIA), D'JAMENCY (FRANCE), DANI SBERT (SPAIN), ALESSIO FRINO (ITALY), LUIX SPECTRUM (COLOMBIA),T ECHNOT WINS (AUST RIA), BALKONKIND (AUST RIA), QUANT IC SPECT ROSCOPY (PORT UGAL), MONICA DIAS (SWIT Z ERLAND/PORT UGAL), RANCHAT EK (SERBIA), EMIR HAZ IR (T URKEY), ROOT LESS (AUST RIA), JOAKIM A (AUST RIA), PAUL BEGGE (RUSSIA), SM NOIZ E (BOSNIA), JOSH BART OLI (ITALY), ALESSANDRO SPAIANI (ITALY), GROUNDER (ARGENT INA), BRAUNT ON (AUST RIA), ROQUE RODRIGUEZ (GERMANY), DIRK SEEGERS (GERMANY), REQT ERDRUMER (JAPAN), MARCO FERUS (AUST RIA), MAX MASSA (BRAZ IL), GEORGE MORAIT IS (GREECE), RENAT T O PEZ ELLA (ITALY), GERRY VERANO (AUST RIA), Z ONEEK AP (MEXICO) AUST ER (AUST RIA) & more. In the 2012 together with his friend Silvio Jadranic founds his own record label, KLINIK ROOM & KLINIK LOUNGE (SUB-LABEL), with the base in Croatia and it creates a new project that has as name FRACTUS that is an American trio conformed of K-MEL, Z oneek Ap & Sao Tokyoska that has had much success at global level supported by djs like SPARTAQUE, FOREST PEOPLE, NADJA LIND, ELECT RORIT ES, D'JAMENCY, JOSH LOVE, LEA DOBRICIC and many more. Jaime Herrera aka K-MEL also works with record labels Criminal Records (Italy), Baccara (Germany), Schicker Recordings (Germany) B.A.B.A Records (Austria), GTA Records (Austria), Miami Techno Chrome Records (Usa), Dots Records (Ukraine), Essence Recordings (Italy), Alíen Forcé Digital Label (Macedonia/UK), Cts Recordings (Germany) & Vaderecord (Argentina) releases are available on Beatport and all other major download portals worldwide. Dj K-MEL is also supported by: Tosi, Robert Stahl, Balkonkind, Zoneek Ap, Alex Okrazo, Positive Mergue, Rootless, Joakim A, Steven Lorenz, Paul Begge, Marcel Ei Gio, Alex Mayer, Lectromeda, Emir Hazir, Tonikattitude, Pillsman, Untitled2Music, Vin Vega & many many more.