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 - Ivan Deyanov


Ivan Deyanov is one of the most successful DJs & producers not only in Bulgaria but also abroad. His music style is considered classical, minimalist and commercial house, varying from deep to techno sound with fat bass lines. He is the only one who can create this unique “bunch of flowers”- all these style aspects collaborating into a harmony of sounds, which shakes stages, enormous halls, thrilled hearts. His sound cannot be described with one word only, it is a long story written by fingertips, moved by special spirit. It is a sound where powerful deep bass dominates all the time. Ivan's original talent is reflected in this unique ability to make a harmonious arrangement of funk, electro, progressive, minimal, tech tribal, deep house and vocals simultaneously. The young DJ & producer has already performed in Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, and some of the most popular clubs in Bulgaria - Yalta, Escape, Caramel, Cacao Beach, Comics, Impact, Club Bols, Martini Bar, etc. After his first tour in Macedonia in 2010, Deyanov visited the country twice in 2011. In the summer of 2011, he had gigs in two of the biggest clubs in Macedonia - "Express" and "Impact", where he made a great impression and created interest in the audience. During his five-year DJ career, Ivan has worked with celebrities such as Ahmet Sendil, Marshall (a.k.a. Luigi Rocca), John Creamer, Dj Lion, AnGy CoRe, Lee Kalt, and many others. Having made over 50 productions, Deyanov is a resident in the Top 100 of Beatport, the biggest electronic music gate, with tracks such as “Body Sensation” (supported by Daniel Portman & Dinka) and “Violettu” (co-production with Ted Dettman). Ivan also makes his own mixes for one of the most eminent online radio stations, such as USA Top,, Alpha Radio and others. The young DJ has several notable remixes and collaborations. The famous Bulgarian singer Miro chose Ivan to assist him in the preparation of his album “Messiah”. The original song “Friends” and its club version are the results of this successful cooperation. Ivan’s remix of the song “Drugness” by MAV and Daniela Aruant reached unprecedented interest from global producers. The song is supported by names such as Tarkan, V-Sag, Martin Garcia and many others. Another big track, “Mystic Harmony”, managed to reach the Columbian Powerhouse West Beat Top 10, and “Ass Marsh” was released by the Italian top label Minimatracx Recordings for Richie Hawtin's Chart No1. The remix of Elitsa & Stoyan’s “Water” made by Ivan was played by some of the greatest progressive DJs in world. His 2010 summer remix of the song Muleina for the Romanian Neylini was several months in the top 3 of the largest Romanian dance radio. The boy from Yambol became very popular in our northern neighbor and the Romanian interest in his works remains very high. 2011 was one of the most successful years in Ivan’s career. He released nine tracks - five original versions and four remixes (twice fewer than last year but with higher quality). His name stands behind DJ Lion and the remix “Dance With DJ”, followed by “Where I'm Alone” with Digital Rock. After that AnDy KoRe's remix of the track “Shock” with Dandi e Ugo was released. In addition to his forthcoming track for the Italian top label "Elegant bit", Ivan signed a contract with one of the biggest New York companies - HMTV Music (House Music TV), whose owner is Lee Kalt - one of the best DJs and producers in America for the last four years. Ivan's success in America is stunning, he is the second Bulgarian producer who managed to sign a contract with a media of this rank, after Stan Kolev. Also, Deyanov’s collaboration with the Greek singer Shanny "Invisible World" was included in the chart of the legendary Eric Morillo. The new year is expect ed to be even more successful. Ivan is now collaborating with one of the most talented folklore singers in Bulgaria - Tanya Paskova. They recorded two tracks together - "Stanka's face" and "The voice of the Balkans". Both tracks contain progressive elements and mythical Bulgarian folklore vocals. Also, there will be a grand tour in March 2012 under the slogan "The Sound of Kralska", sponsored by one of the best Bulgarian vodka producers - "Kralska". There are no doubts that this year will be very busy for the young Bulgarian.