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 - Frank Beat


Deejay & Producer of the city of Barcelona, his stage name DJ Moya began calling when he was passing the time also influenced trends and getting a more sophisticated name Frank Beat for music tech house and minimal techno. From very tiny tube is always a special feeling for music, because since then I was going to be mobile with their walkmanlistening to tapes of those times heard by the youth of the city. As he grew older he was taking that interest forward, started saving to buy his first mixer at some of it also acquired two turntables, so when we began to play his first vinyls. Later he improved his technique and started playing for several Internet radios. But until 2009 did not give their first gig since then has been DJing in various clubs as Central Rock, Manssion, Fun Factory etc etc. Then began a passion for music production, spending days and days in the study.To this day, still giving the ableton hard to perfect their sound, has made several collaborations with artists like Kings Ralph, BenMartin etc.So be sure to follow this young man because they fail to surprise with his songs.