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 - Incognico


…He knows who he is and leaves a mark in your mind. We are in 1995 when Nico Junker aka Icognito starts to be interested in his new passion, the music. In his age of 13 he is making knowledge of the different types of mucic styles. While rambling on a flea market he discovered a CD…which should determine his path…a techno compilation of this same year. From that moment he was so infected from the beats that he started visiting every dance in our region. At home he analyzed track by track, so it didn´t take much longer till he created his first own sounds. Icognito extended his technical equipment, first pseudonym was „Noxin DJ“, gigs followed. Till 2003 the young artist was an active member of the DnB scene. After 4 full of excitement and instructive years, this wasn´t challenging enough anymore, he found his way „ back to the roots“… Techno & House. The experiences he made so far prooved to be usefull, things assumed a definite form in 2004. With a lot of a mbition and dedication he produced in a very passional way and in his own words he created/reached „ his own musical level“. Citation: „ music is expressing, what words cannot explain and the silence is impossible to keep.“


The Power of Minimal Few
Markus Ilgner, DJ Alien, Lucho Perez, Djs Double Smile, CJ Noks, Waltan Mari, Sergey Ulyanov, Nooby, Stefan Brandenburg, Cro Magnon, Saam, Brain Foo Long, Variant, Sascha Hinz, Tonia Rubia, Mauro Nakimi, Shake Inc., Deltoidman, Fristik, Multi Komplex, Ron Ractive, Gaetano Maurelli, Serdar Ors, New Culture Terrorist, Lineli, Bryan Scott, Denny Verano, Newtone, Ruben Sky, DJ Psychokiller, Dog_off, Vakanga, Gokhan Guneyli, Mamula, Kainoma, Underhead, Di Rugerio, Marco Z3ta, Kiffen, Paralytic, Oliver Gross, Pheno-men, Frank Blank, Thommy Fusion, Chris Hauer, Maurice Goltz, Jan Fabeck, Valt Libert, Adam Schock, Chris Kionke, Diefunkt, The X And The Y, Chris Maddox, Astra Teck, Fran Ular, Sphexe, Grimish, Francois S, Rodri Estevez, Andre Bayer, Ben Walsh, Alex Kravitz, Barry Barry, Shaun Mauren, MC Flasher, 711, Sceptix, Ray Rosh, Victor Montsaint, Carlo Marani, Kon Up, Housegeflippt, Two Heads Tek, M3N, Andrea Rango, Amper Clap, Erwin Redzic, Incognico, Kevin Gross, Vincent Ka, Robin Mosco, Datcom, Wasscass, Bill Brighton, Kayowa, Yohann Grun, Mauro Di Leo, Chemanu, Andres Gil, G Jaga, Marco P, Nacim Ladj, Hiskia, Mirko Upek, MIHOVIL, Scraperz Noise, Krezo, Reinier Zonneveld, Mario Kerb, Whitenoise, Soundisc, Masitho, Mkdj, Orhan Demir, Miguel Nacer, Alfredo Guadalti, Rosie, Nelson Kay, Audio Stylist, Cat Moon, Minitronik, Daniel Levez, M.I.T., Cascandy, EDMNML, Someone Else, Skymate, Feydh Rotan, Ale Flowers, Francesco Caramia
Mofalco Recordings | 2013-04-12