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Multigenre Style Dj & Producer Mute Box aka Frank Walter was born in a small place called Lindlar near Cologne and grew to be a passionate musican and artist. At the age of 15 he was listening to a variety of electronic music styles and thought "I could do this and hell yeah why not!". So using pocket money and stolen goods sold at auction (including the Grandparents home and belongings) seriously he bought what he could to kick start his musical passion ... A computer to try out new sounds and a some replica Technics MK2's (yes we all know they suck and the drive belts always broke but he has somehow managed). After the madness and mayhem of having to sell the entire family and belongings he finally started spinning vinyl with International DJ's such as Carl Cox, Dj Hell, Marusha, Steve Mason and many more in the club Kesselhouse where Nalin and Kane were born.Also playing at the world famous and much loved and missed Berlin Love Parade. Increasingly he turned his eye on the production of music. Having got the bug for production It didn't take long for his music to be discovered. Then he started his own label,Emun Music with his great fellows Tom Kaloi & Constantino Padovano aka Funky Junction. (Votu, Sheeva Records, Tendenzia, Radikal Records) Now he is back again and released on such respected labels like Sheeva Records,V.O.T.U,Bad Buddha,Radikal Records and Emun Music.As a DJ he plays international from Miami to Cologne and from various locations like beach and club. You will see much more from him in the near future!


69 Must Have Electro House Songs
John Konnor, Grave, Mastro Deejay, Neitan, Stereoliner, Sven Laakenstyk, Tony Brown, Duher, Calabria, Rampage Jackson, Silent J, Salt And Fire, Jeff Haymaker, Georgios Antoniadis, Suite 610, Rob Estell, Teo Moss, Alexander One, Greentech, Robbie Rivera, DJ Fast Eddie, Kid Massive, Sam Obernik, Jay Colin, Tocadisco, Nadia Ali, Ambush, Chuckie, Hardwell, Mike Rules, Uebermut, Kai Sheen, Hotel Stereo, Deepside Groove, Mykel Mars, Benani Omar, Chris Galmon, Hannover House Mafia, ARMYSTRIAL, Dima Koch, Livedj Malo, Djerem, Shana P, Ale Flowers, Housebangerz, EVO & RST, Ice MC, Andy Chiles, Yes I Am, Sunyo, White Hawk, Dj Report, Howkward, Housephonics, Lectronica Circle, Kenshi, Art Thieves, The Voltarenes, Pineapploud, Rhythm Rebels, Overtracked, DJ N.D.5, Massive Tune, Mute Box, Juan Lopez, Jim Zerga, Chris Vallee, Mozzymann, Chris Joyce, Fred Smoon, Decibel Artforce, Rod Saviano, Andre Paul Ryan, Metro Audio, Chris Willis, Philly, BR!K, Housenumberone, Blind Digital, Cocaine, Thyron!x, Bryn Elise, Cuzzins, Iamfritz, DJ Sounds, Mike McPower, Bpierre, Mr. Smith, Shockolady, V I F, Simonne Cooper, Unbreakable, LT Brown, Lucas Reyes, Rafael Saenz, Midnight Beats, Duher, Groove Stage, Chuckie, David Tort, Laidback Luke, System B, Lacklustre, Marc Reason, Tedi, Enfortro, Prockers, Nogales, Kuchinke, House Addictions, The Beatcookers, Joan Krueff, Logic, Jack Like, HouseMadness, Luis Gutierrez, Plastik Bass, Christian Seen, Zhan, Protoxic, Futurism, Matt Myer, B.u.s.t.e.d
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