Key Commands
 - Didier Morris


Not born but raised in Miami. Didier Morris is the result of a moniker hunt, the balance mix between his passions; of French kisses and American burgers are the roots for such pseudonym. Celestial bedroom producer, cosmic sound synth man, and robotically tuned lead singer of a one-man band, is his forte field. Didier’s inspiration comes from his past outer space abductions, by the supernatural to be exact. Although this might sound mystical and mischievous, it actually is. Therefore there might be little known about this young cosmonaut, but his evolution is certainly promising. Having the opportunity to command dance floors, with his galactic crowded control skills, has led him to play out high quality social dance events in numerous clubs and parties in his area code. He currently releases on labels like: Southern Fried Records, Flumo, Stranjjur, Midnight Social, and ElectroniqueUK and many more.