Key Commands
 - Dudley Strangeways


Staying true to the basic principles of House and Techno and not bowing down to the latest hype is something many DJs claim but rarely actually achieve. In possession of expert timing and sixth sense of what dancers will respond to. Dudley has built on the string of residencies across the Midlands and London after consolidating his reputation as a resident of the notorious Back To The Future parties. Skills honed warming up for the likes of Terry Francis, Phil Weeks, Eddie Richards and Brett Johnson are now taking him onto the international circuit with gigs across Europe.On the production front, Dudley’s reputation has rocketed in the short time since his first solo release on Nottingham’s Shrink Records. A successful partnership with Retrac has seen DJ support from Terry Francis and Slam for “Dumb Drum” on Fullbar, while the “Oh Melody EP” on Resopal Schallware rocked the Get Physical party in Miami and “Stop Rewind” popping up on Richie Hawtin’s Twitter listings. With more recent releases on Back To You, Klasse , Elite & I records picking up support and chartings from t he likes of St eve Bug, Mount ain People, Luciano and more.